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A studio full of possibilities


Meet the team

A Union of Passion and Craft

Matsgard Studios is a collective of fervent individuals, each with a unique flair, united by our shared passion for photography, makeup, and styling. We are driven by two core principles: to accentuate the innate beauty in each subject we work with and to explore the boundless realms of our collective creativity.

Elevating and celebrating the inherent beauty in all things - that's our ethos.
Matsgard Studios

Venture with us on a creative odyssey, as we challenge norms, push boundaries, and create art that resonates, inspires, and captivates.


Connect With Us

New Ventures & Collaborations

Whether you're looking to capture a moment, embark on a creative project, or simply discuss a new venture, we're here to listen and guide. Reach out and let's explore the possibilities together.

Strategic Partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration. If you envision a partnership that can elevate both our studio and your endeavor, let's discuss the potential pathways ahead.


Visit Our Space

A Creative Sanctuary in the Heart of Stockholm

Nestled within the vibrant co-working premises of Garage56 at Brännkyrkagatan 56, our studio stands as a beacon of creativity. Upon your arrival, look for the Garage56 emblem on a large window and glass door. Ring the doorbell, and you'll be warmly welcomed.

Workplace & Equipment Rentals

Beyond our personal creative endeavors, our studio stands ready to support other artists and visionaries. Not only do we offer our sophisticated studio space for shoots and gatherings, but we also provide a curated selection of top-tier equipment for rent, ensuring your project has everything it needs to succeed. Whether it's lighting, cameras, or specialized gear, we have a range of tools to cater to diverse requirements. To get a firsthand experience of the Matsgard ambiance and our equipment offerings, let's arrange a walkthrough.


Can we create your next project?

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