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We help you look your best

At Matsgard Studios, we believe in capturing your genuine essence through our lens while accentuating your unique beauty. Dive into our tailored services, combining the magic of photography with the transformative power of makeup and hair styling.


Personal & Business Branding

Portrait Excellence for Every Occasion

Whether you're a business professional or someone looking to commemorate a special moment, we're here to make sure you shine brilliantly. Our expertise encompasses:

Seeking a corporate makeover? From polished individual headshots to team photo sessions, let us sculpt your professional image.

Executive Elegance

From candid captures to conceptual frames, we ensure everyone feels like the star they are, irrespective of age or experience.

Timeless Treasures

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Makeup & Hair Styling

The Perfect Complement to Your Session – Or Just Because

Elevate your photo session or special occasion with our expert touch. While many clients love combining this with their shoots, we're just as passionate about getting you ready for any memorable event:

Planning for an important date or gala? Let us craft the look that turns heads, with the option to capture it on camera.

Night Out Enchantment

From subtle enhancements to dramatic makeovers, trust us to bring your envisioned look to life.

Stellar Transformations

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Specialty Photography

Venturing Beyond the Conventional

While portraits form our cornerstone, our artistic thirst often leads us into various realms of photography. If you have an idea, we're eager to explore it with you:

Creative Canvases

From capturing the grandeur of landscapes to the intimate moments of a wedding, our specialty photography embraces diverse narratives.

Grandure landscapes
Intimate moments
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